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Kosher Certificate

CBD Kosher Products In USA

If you follow a kosher diet, finding the right nutritional supplement can be a challenge.
Many supplements contain non-kosher ingredients like gelatin, glycerin, enzymes,
and fat-soluble vitamins derived from animals that are not kosher.
Additionally, even if the ingredients are kosher,
the production process may take place in a facility that also processes non-kosher foods.

At Mood Wellness, we understand these concerns and have worked hard to create nutritional supplements that are both vegan-friendly and strictly kosher.

Our products are certified by EarthKosher according to the normative Kosher industry standards,
and do not contain any animal ingredients or undergo animal testing.

Please note that while our products are kosher all year round except Passover.
We invite you to try Mood Wellness nutritional supplements today and experience the benefits of CBD & functional mushrooms.

Our Kosher Certificates

Product NameCertificate
Relax Drops - CBD Oil - 1000mgClick Here
Relax Drops- CBD Oil - 2000mgClick Here
Brain Fuel- CBD + CBG Oil - 1000mgClick Here
Brain Fuel- CBD + CBG Oil - 2000mgClick Here
Deep Sleep- CBD + CBN Oil - 1200mgClick Here
Daily Bliss - CBD + Cordyceps GummiesClick Here
Mind Food - CBD + CBG + Lion's Mane GummiesClick Here
Sweet Dreams - CBD + CBN + 6-Mushroom Blend GummiesClick Here


Kosher CBD refers to CBD producta that has been produced according to Jewish dietary laws.
This means that it has been certified as kosher by a rabbi or other authorized organization.

Yes, Mood Wellness products are certified as kosher by EarthKosher.
This means that they have been produced in accordance with Jewish laws and are authorized for consumption by those who follow kosher rules.

Our production lines undergo strict monitoring and rigorous testing to ensure that all ingredients,
materials and processes meet the strict standards of the Kosher certificate.
Our kosher certificate ensures that our products meet the strict requirements of kosher laws.

EarthKosher is a kosher certification agency that provides certification for products and companies that meet Jewish dietary laws. They certify a wide range of products, including CBD and hemp-derived products, as well as food, supplements, and personal care items. Many Kosher CBD brands obtain their certification from EarthKosher.

The only difference between Kosher CBD and regular CBD is the certification process.
Kosher CBD has been produced in accordance with Jewish dietary laws and certified by a rabbi,
while regular CBD may not have undergone this process.

Kosher certification can add additional costs to the production of products, including CBD.

While there are no specific health benefits associated with using Kosher-certified products, some consumers prefer to use them for personal or religious reasons.
Additionally, purchasing Kosher-certified products can provide peace of mind for those who follow a strict kosher diet.

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